Anchorage Accessible Housing List
Elder Services, Inc.
Anchorage Senior Living, Inc.
Jewel Lake Senior Housing, Inc.
Senior Housing Alternatives, Inc.
Sullivan Senior Housing Inc.
Independence Park Senior Housing Inc. I & II
Senior Housing Eligibility
Incontinence CMN
Assessment Letter
Emergency Response Plan
New Client Checklist
used to provide assessors information if unable to attend the assessment

Waiver Program Handout
Lifeline Sample Letter
Letters & Forms

Forms & Handouts
Updated by Access Alaska 5/09
Nursing Facility
Transition Program
CMS Power WC guidelines
Cost of Care Brochure
Burial Assistance Application
Miller Trust Application
through Alaska Legal Services
Estate Recovery Brochure

Medicaid Q&A for Waiver/NF

Elder Law Attorneys
SDS Waiver Brochure
Miller Trust Brochure
Comfort One Brochure
(Does not include Health Care)
Advanced Health Care Directive
2018 Medicaid Standards
Heating Assistance Application
ADRC Brochure
Alaska Legal Services Application
AMHTA/Alzheimer's Resource Mini-Grant
LTC Medicaid Application
Transfer of Assets Declaration
DMV Application for Disabled Parking ID
Medicare Power Chair Requirements
Acuity Add On Checklist
DPA Emails and Fax Numbers
CSFP Application
RL Chair Sample Letter
Blank CAT
Anchorage application -
Refer to thier website for other locations
Disaster Preparedness Toolkit
Verification of Diagnosis Form (VoD)
Medicaid Recipient Handbook
Waiver Renewal Checklist
Provider Specific ICD10 Codes
Earthquake Emergency Information
DP Toolkit for Children with Special Needs
DME List
Reapplication Checklist
Heath Care Directive Resources
DD Vision Development Report
DD Vision Handout
Some of the listed forms are for
reference or informational
purposes only.
In some cases, there may be more current specific forms available. 
If you discover a form that needs to be updated, or removed, or added,
please email alaskaccn@gmail.com so we can make any necessary changes.
Thank you!
Medicaid Renewal